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Why we are The Ultimate Party DJ's!


Our objective is clear, get as many

people dancing as possible and we

will go out of our way to make that happen! We want every guest to leave every function we perform at saying how amazing the DJ was and bearing in  mind that 90% of all our DJ work is by referral we must be doing something right!



All of our DJ's have a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance and in addition to this their equipment is tested annually for electrical safety and regularly updated to ensure maximum reliability. Your DJ will also arrive prompt and smartly dressed!

The Right Music At The Right Time

Anyone can turn up to a party and play music, but it takes someone with knowledge, experience and skill to fill a dance floor and keep everyone there! All of our DJ's have these attributes and are regularly packing dance floors all over Sussex, Surrey & Kent

Competitive Pricing

Booking a DJ can be a complete minefield with prices varying wildly from £90 - £600+ for an evening.  You will find us somewhere in the middle with prices starting at £300 for a 4-5 hour evening party package. Kids Party packages are also available from £150 including games and prizes!

Nobody likes a Chatterbox

Hopefully, if you've read through up to this point, you'll know how important to us the music is in keeping the floor busy. Your DJ will be confident enough to deliver any essential announcements articulately but will not spend the entire evening on the microphone leaving you free to have a great time, dance and enjoy!

LATEST NEWS: LED Dance floors available for hire, contact us for more information!